Our used Yamaha gas and electric carts are customized ON-SITE. If you don’t see what you want, we can build it for you!
And if it’s a NEW cart you’re looking for, just give us the details and we’ll make it happen!

Green Sport Electric
2013 Yamaha Drive DC Custom body Street Tires Street-Ready Upgraded Seats $5100 (add new batteries for $600)
Pewter Fade Electric
2015 Yamaha Drive DC Pewter Fade Custom Body Street Tires Street-Ready Custom Seats $5100 (add new batteries for $600)
Captain Morgan Electric
2013 Yamaha Drive DC Custom Captain Morgan body Street Tires Street-Ready $4800 (add new batteries for $600)
Military – Gas
2013 Yamaha Drive EFI Custom Body Lift Kit Street-Ready All-Terrain Tires Upgraded Seats $6300
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